Mitchell Hall & The Tennessee Trio

“Johnny Cash” sung by: Mitchell Hall

-Lead vocals/rhythm guitar

-Born to sing and play Johnny Cash music

-In his early 20’s, he looks and sounds just like Johnny in the early years

Mike Ness on lead guitar

“Luther Perkins” played by: Mike Ness

-Lead guitar/vocals

-40 years of playing experience

-He met Mitchell in the fall of 2020 at KCHK Radio Station, New Prague, MN

-Mike immediately connected with Mitchell and knew that with a Fender Telecaster and a Fender Deluxe Amp, They could recreate that 1950’s boom-chicka-boom freight train rhythm sound

Rich Preiner on bass

“Marshall Grant” played by: Rich Preiner

-Bass guitar/vocals

-40+ years professional music experience

-A master guitar player, with a world of knowledge on most any style of music

-Plays the bass guitar in that simple-Memphis-1950’s Sun Records style

Ron Kadrlik on drums

“W.S. Holland” played by: Ron Kadrlik


-The back bone of the band completing that railroad train rhythm

-40+ years of professional music experience

-Toured nationally with the Dave Tolens Band

-Also a singer/songwriter

“June Carter & Rosanne Cash” sung by: Lacey Roemhildt

-Vocals/Backup vocals

-In her early 20’s, she looks and sounds just like June & Rosanne in their early years

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